Cheese Technology

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Cheese Technology by Josef Kammerlehner, with 930 pages, 203 figures and 269 tables is the first complete cheese monograph of its kind in English language. The author is in the german language area an experienced dairy veteran and highly respected cheese expert.


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In Germany, the Book Cheese Technology is a long-standing, widely appreciated benchmark and is now published for the first time in English. The contents have been revised and updated on the grounds of the German edition from 2003. It comprises all fields of cheese technology in an exemplary extent and depth, which does justice to both practice as well as dairy research. After introduction a historical retrospective on the origins of cheese, terms of cheese, technology, food technique and cheese technology are defined, and cheese as food is dealt with. The chemical-physical base of cheese production and individual compounds of milk and whey are presented. Much of the latest literature has been reviewed and insights thereof integrated in this book.
In total 9 chapters are arranged into
  • General overview, divided into definition, processing scheme, history, significance of the various groups of cheese concerning nutrition
  • Raw material and additives for the production for various groups of cheese
  • Varieties of the respective groups of cheese as well as their manufacturing processes and evaluation (quality, shelf life, etc.)
  • Packaging of the various cheese groups
  • Influences on quality, checking and quality assurance
  • Description of defects and notes for improving quality issues
Apart the diversity of traditional cheese making, new scientific insights and economic methods for production of cheese and cheese products are covered. These procedures, above all addition of and necessary additives for, are sometimes still in the testing and approval phase.
This book addresses trainees and future dairy experts and –technicians as well as students, graduates of food technology and scientists who are dealing with milk-technological questions. For special instructors, this book is a solid base for courses or lectures. It is an extremely valuable help as reference book for dairy specialists and milk industry as well as for technical advisers and technologists of suppliers. It can be profitable for people who are generally associated with food and nutrition as well as in technology, biotechnology and microbiology. This book is most warmly recommended to all interested people since knowledge summarized here is hard to find elsewhere in this concise and in-depth form. It makes an invaluable contribution to the preservation and documentation of accumulated know-how of cheese technology across decades.

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